Who We Are

CMB Genomics

Who we are

CMB Genomics is a startup located in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer solutions to improve access to clinical molecular diagnostics in Africa by leveraging our experience in research to bring low cost and accessible solutions through genetic testing and training for microbial and host genetic testing.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the gap Africa including Kenya for facilities and personnel for molecular testing and genomics. We are devoted to advancing clinical molecular diagnostics and biomedical research. We will partner with global leaders in genomics to improve detection of infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases in the region.


Our Values


Our Commitment

> To deliver cutting-edge medical and health research.
> To use our expertise, knowledge and resources to deliver positive health outcomes.
> To ensure that our knowledge benefits the largest number of people that we can.

Our Goals

> Improve the health of individuals and communities through research innovation.
> Create an environment that encourages interdisciplinary research collaboration
> Nurture students and young researchers in one of the best training environments in Kenya.